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3D Laser Scanning for Property Measurements. How does it work?

3D Laser Scanning for Property Measurements

At CAS Real Estate Solutions, we pride ourselves on employing the most advanced technology in the real estate industry to consistently deliver accurate and professional results. A cornerstone of our approach is the utilization of Leica laser scanners equipped with LiDAR and Slam technology. These cutting-edge scanners are meticulously designed and manufactured to create precise 3D digital twins of the properties we measure. The staggering capability to capture 420,000 points per second, resulting in millions of data points for each scan, ensures that no detail is too small, and no property is too large or complex for us to handle with precision.

In the realm of buildings and structures, our laser scanners shine by offering an unrivaled combination of accuracy, resolution, and efficiency. LiDAR technology empowers these scanners to capture data in great detail. Each of these points precisely represents a unique position in the physical space, collectively forming what is known as a point cloud. These digital representations can be seamlessly integrated into standalone software or imported into widely used CAD and BIM applications. This process facilitates the creation of high-precision as-built models, enabling our team to transform real-world properties into detailed, digital counterparts resulting in professional floorplans.

Our commitment to leveraging Leica laser scanners with LiDAR and Slam technology is a testament to our cutting-edge dedication to providing top-tier services regardless of a property’s size or type. Whether it’s a cozy residential space or a sprawling industrial complex, this cutting-edge technology equips us to capture every detail and dimension accurately. At CAS Real Estate Solutions, we ensure that every measurement and point cloud measurement we create is a testament to the reliable precision and professionalism that defines our services.


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