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Virtual staging facts for success

Virtual Staging for All Properties

Transforming Spaces for Every Visions

Enhance Your Property's Appeal with Cutting-Edge Virtual Staging Solutions from Our Real Estate Marketing Agency.

As a leading real estate marketing agency, we specialize in virtual staging, a revolutionary service that digitally designs interiors of homes, offices, and retail spaces. This innovative approach produces stunningly realistic visuals that significantly boost interest, responses, and sales from potential tenants and buyers.

Our virtual staging service is highly sought after by a wide range of clients, including property management companies dealing with newly acquired or renovated units, real estate brokers, architects, and interior designers. The key advantages of virtual over traditional physical staging are its cost-effectiveness and swift turnaround. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to alter designs with different furniture or artwork without additional expenses.

What sets our service apart is the ability to cater to diverse client needs. For instance, a single retail space can be virtually staged in various ways to appeal to different businesses, such as accountants, clothing stores, or tutoring centers, showcasing the versatility of the space. See Case Study below.

Virtual staging transforms empty rooms into welcoming, "ready-to-move-in" environments. An unoccupied office can be envisioned as a contemporary workspace, while a vacant storefront can be presented in multiple attractive designs. This adaptability is crucial in today's real estate market, making virtual staging an invaluable tool for sellers and leasers.

Choose our agency for your virtual staging needs and unlock the full potential of your property, attracting a broader range of clients with tailor-made, captivating designs.

Get started with virtual staging your property


Retail space virtually staged in multiple ways to appeal to different businesses

Recently, CAS Real Estate Solutions faced an exciting challenge when approached by a client with a unique commercial space. The client's objective was to lease this space but to a diverse pool of potential lessees: a CPA accountant's firm, a children's tutoring center, and an IT technical support company. Understanding the importance of visualizing the potential of a space, our team employed our expertise in real estate virtual staging to address this challenge.

Utilizing advanced virtual staging technologies, we crafted three distinct setups within the same commercial area. For the CPA firm, we designed a professional and sophisticated environment with a modern office layout, incorporating elements like ergonomic workstations and elegant meeting areas. For the children's tutoring center, we transformed the space into a vibrant, colorful, and engaging learning environment, complete with educational resources and playful decor. Lastly, for the IT technical support company, the space was virtually staged as a tech-driven, contemporary workspace, featuring collaborative areas and state-of-the-art tech amenities. These tailored visualizations not only helped the clients envisage themselves in the space but significantly enhanced the likelihood of leasing the property. The result was a successful leasing agreement, showcasing the power and effectiveness of virtual staging in the real estate market.

From empty photographed spaces to beautifully staged spaces

Commercial space fully staged
Empty commercial space ready to be staged

The Entrance / Lobby:

Interior view of a curved commercial space with a panoramic style window on the left side, which lets in ample natural light and offers a view of the exterior.

1A: Empty photographed commercial space

1B: Staged lobby for any usage

Empty commercial space ready to be staged
Commercial space staged for a tutoring center
Commercial space staged for a CPA Accounting Firm

2A: Empty photographed commercial space

2B: Staged space for a CPA Accounting Firm

2C: Staged space for a Tutoring Center

The Main Room, Angle 1:

Unfurnished, empty commercial space with modern finishes. The room is well-lit, featuring numerous recessed ceiling lights that illuminate the pale wood-look flooring.

Commercial space fully staged for an IT Tech support client
Empty commercial space ready to be staged
Commercial space staged for a tutoring center

3C: Staged space for a Tutoring Center

3B: Staged space for an IT Tech Support Company

3A: Empty photographed commercial space

Main Room, Angle 2:

Unfurnished, empty commercial space, a spacious commercial interior with one wall painted in a deep blue, adding a bold touch of color to the space.

Get started with virtual staging your property
  • Can You Remove Existing Furniture, Flooring or Decor?
    Yes. We offer a multitude of services to transform your space to a picture-perfect presentation that will drive interest and sales.
  • My Property is not Finished, Walls or Floors are Missing
    No problem. We offer Virtual Renovation services in addition to our Virtual Staging services. This allows you to show the completed space and to sell an unfinished property.
  • How Many Photos Should I Stage?
    A common question. How many images will it take to capture the main essence of your offering? For residential homes, a minimum of 2 staged photos is recommended: the living room and master bedroom. Experience shows that including a staged dining area, kitchen and a backyard (5 photos) completes the picture and drives increased interest and sales.
  • What Other Services do you Provide?
    We offer Complete Real Estate Solutions. We provide professional photography, laser-measured floorplans and sitemaps, virtual tours and property video presentations. We build websites, design property brochures, and even design and print building signs and banners.
  • How Long Does Virtual Staging Take?
    It depends on the complexity of your project, but generally we turn around staged images in 2-3 business days.
  • Do You Offer Different Styles Decor?
    Yes! We offer a number of different styles to choose from. Or, if you choose, you can include reference image to a style you like and we will do our best to match or get close to your choice.
  • I’m Ready to get Started! What’s Next?
    Contact us! If you know which room, office or retail space you would like to show, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote and a plan.
  • Where Do I Get Photos to Use?
    You can either take the photos yourself or, if in Southern California, use our top-rated photography services. Photos will be staged in the same size that you send to us, so the larger the better!

Professional real estate services to measure your property accurately, capture its essence, stage it virtually in multiple ways and create printed and digital marketing collateral to promote the sale or lease.

Our Premium Services

Our most popular service. Using laser-measurements, we calculate floorplan square footage and create accurate floor plans that can be scaled to any size without losing quality. We measure residential, commercial and industrial properties, and offer both standard marketing floorplans as well as more detailed, architectural-style floorplans that include wall and door dimensions, great for renovations and interior designers.

Floorplan Measuring & Drafting Services

Floorplan measuring and drafting services

Comprehensive real estate property marketing. We create elegant, informative property brochures, both digital and printed, that capture the essence of your property. Our custom-designed property websites offer an immersive online experience, while our building banners, signage, and advertisements are crafted to grab attention and create a lasting impression. 

Complete Property Marketing

Boost property sales and leases with our virtual staging service. We expertly furnish empty spaces digitally, adding furniture, decor, and lighting to enhance appeal. This realistic and popular service helps potential buyers and tenants envision the property's potential, significantly increasing interest and response. Make your property stand out effortlessly with our virtual staging expertise.

Virtual Staging

Elevate your property's allure with our professional real estate photography. From vibrant daytime to captivating twilight shots, our color-corrected images showcase your property's best features. We also offer aerial drone photography for stunning bird's eye views, adding a unique perspective to your listing. Enhance your property's visual impact with our expert photography services.

Property Photography

Premium property photography services
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients
CAS Real Estate Solutions Clients

We serve residential & commercial developers, construction companies, property management agencies, interior designers and private homeowners all over Southern California.

Our Clients

Customer Testimonials

Serge Shirikjian, VP, Canfield Development

"CAS Real Estate Solutions has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are 100% professional and have a rare combination of creativity and business savviness. Our development office is short-staffed and he managed most aspects of our marketing plan with little follow up on our part. The photography and virtual staging are world-class and helped us market our properties with ease and professional results."

Michelle Mullen, Expro Manufacturing

“A few words to describe CAS Real Estate Solutions: Professional, Reliable, Creative, Visionary. I came to them requesting a siteplans for our factory, a cirtual tour for our investors and building photography. I received a results beyond my expectation. Absolutely beautiful! We are now working on a second factory. Working with CAS has been a pleasure and I look forward to the next project.”

Joey Aragon, Aragon Construction, Inc.

“CAS Real Estate Solutions was responsive, reliable, insightful, and helpful in redesigning our website and providing top-notch model and building photography. We communicated what we wanted out of our website, and the audience we were targeting, and they built our concept into an attractive and effective website and the photographic contents. CAS was very cooperative in accommodating our requests and very patient when we requested modifications. We are very pleased with the results and are looking forward to another opportunity to use their services again.”

Irina Barbarov, Studio 837

“CAS Real Estate Solutions has a team of very skilled designers who are easy to work with. The creativity and technical expertise was superior in all aspects of the job. They listen and help define your needs for the desired effect that reflects your business. CAS is a good resource to work with and offer many clever solutions. Tell them what you need and they will get it done. They shows a lot of commitment to your project. Thank you for a sensational job. I highly recommend CAS Real Estate Solutions for anyone seeking a to market a residential or commercial property.”

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